Thursday, February 18, 2010


I've been looking to write about a multitude of things recently, meditations on diplomacy, meeting public and international figures, and even the influence of Hulk Hogan on popular Japanese culture of the early 1990's. All of those seemed interesting enough to go at length on, but I've not felt any inspiration to really sit down and plot out some engaging material. Like a common wretch, I'm going the easy route and doing what I like to do best, bullshitting. I use the term loosely, but for the most part, its relevant to the content of dreams that I have, if I ever have them.

Wednesday morning, I awoke two times before I motivated myself to get ready for work. Of those two awakenings, I had been privy to two dreams. Dreams are things I rarely ever have these days, but when they do strike me, they are of vivid potency.

My dreams consist of some standards only local to me. The locations consist of a mall, my grandmother's home, a swamp, or a resort, sometimes all blurred together, and the contents are often the presence of three old women. (This could make my avatar's character that much more deep.) These recent dreams were different.

The first dream presented me amidst high school friends, or at least that was the feeling I had en masse. The only friend I could coherently recall was my close friend Adam. Suddenly, a black cloud swirls high above us, and an enormous, very plain looking broadsword plummets from the heavens and plunges deep into the graveled red earth. Disasters ensue. Planes drop from the sky, killing all passengers inside. Trains and automobiles collide with one another. Having sensed danger from the sword's presence, I hastened away to safety, leaping off crashed vehicles and climbing up unfinished construction projects to gain higher ground when suddenly my alarm clock beckoned my waking eyes. Maybe my unconscious tried to tell me that I've played enough video games.

Scoffing the time, I returned to sleep. The next dream, retaining the same sort of fondness and sincerity I had felt from its predecessor, took place at my grandmother's home. So many fond memories stem from her home. Countless birthdays of grandchildren, cook outs, Independence Day, Halloween, and Christmas parties all took place at this tiny four bedroom residence by Lake Susannah. Fattening, mushy sweet fondness aside, the strange part held its own. Somehow her backyard transformed into a paradise I could only compare to the majesty of river valleys of China. There, I was introduced to the King and Queen of Daoism, so they claimed to be, and thei nemesis, the monolithic demon, draped in a black shroud. No action or suspense involved beyond the paltry act of interaction.

As you can see, the contents of my dreams border the bizarre. I know one other person who has had vivid, almost frightening dreams of his own, and I've mentioned him above.

How about your dreams? What do you dream of?


  1. "The grave, dread thing."

  2. Matt (thegreenapple)May 7, 2010 at 9:28 PM

    I rarely dream - and if I do it usually isn't something fantastical. It's usually a real life situation regarding people I have not met before, and we perform menial tasks, or have disjointed conversations. Very boring stuff compared to your night visions. :o