Thursday, March 11, 2010

Doorway Into my World

Considering that I created this blog with the purpose to promote and preview my yet to be completed graphic novel, its about time I share some pages...

I will begin with page... 60... something... Its the most current and perhaps the most polished of my comic pages...
This is the initial cast of heroes and my "mentor" figure, who is, lacking any originality on my part, named "Mentor."

The following pages describe a little more on the background of my protagonist, Rothbert, as well as the history behind the identity of the "Swordsinger."

I hope this gives you, ANY of you, some insight and anticipation into my world. I hope to release more images when they are produced in a timely manner.


  1. LOL the big-eyed "OOOH" moment really broke the drama, in a good way. XD; I like that. It kinda surprised me.
    I love your drawin' sir! I hope something great can come of this if you manage to complete it and compile everything as you want it. And your handwriting is pretty nice. XD The only thing that makes reading kinda hard (but not illegible) is the erased text in some bubbles and new stuff written in.

    GOOD WORK. Show more soon? :B

  2. This is awesome. I agree with Bu as to the "OoOooOH." Are you planning on coloring? If so, with what?

    I just wanted to say you floored me with the architecture. It looks amazing. Moar plx.

  3. Hee hee the big eyes are so cute. Rothbert is a hottie, I hope we get to see more then his steel sword one day! The man standing to the far left of them image is very stunningly handsome as well. The legendary hero is epic. Great costume and very creative shield. All the panels are very well done with some great shots that show the size and emptiness of hall. You get a good feel of it's overwhelming height. Great stuff man!