Monday, September 19, 2011

Figure Drawing 18 Septrembre.

I was delighted to learn that, this past Sunday, the cycle of ladies had been broken. I finally had a male model for my figure drawing class (yes there is nudity down below, and yes I know my blog is not flagged as NSFW.)

What started out as my usual fair of "I don't want to draw the model's head and/or other features," turned into a gentlemen's wager. My comic book artist brothers in arms, Brian Wolf and Travis Earls, wanted to out creep me on my drawings. I wish I had access to their drawings to show you all what they did, but I think we were all equally matched.

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  1. LOL the Neptune with the butt crack showing is too funny. What on Earth is that first creature? :O He's awesome! XD The Rikuo like creature is pretty sweet. You guys took a hunky male and did this huh? :P