Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nappykins Again

I haven't made this public knowledge, but I am not inspired by beautiful things, or by angelic voices whispering into my ear, but darker things. Hatred. Jealousy. They inspire me and motivate me to better myself. When I hear of gainfully employed artists who are happy and fulfilled thanks to their job, the darkness takes over me...

So, this is what I drew at Chipotle when I had dinner Thursday :D

And today, after being dismissed early from work, I sat down and decided to draw my D&D demon, Slaavo, having assimilated a summoned succubus. I'm hoping to multiclass my warlock so I can get a goddamn summon. (EDIT: I posted the original napkin line art up on Y! Gallery and got reported for it {I was completely oblivious to their policy on napkin related artwork} so now it's all coloured and not napkiny)

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